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 Futures Trading Systems / Futures Trading API
If you have found a futures trading system on your own, or are looking to get your strategy implemented, we can help.

We recommend the Rithmic API interface for systems, programmers, high frequency trading, and algorithmic futures traders.

Discount Trading - Futures Trading Systems

You can connect your trading system to Rithmic’s API or we can help you with renting a server near the exchange to achieve low latency execution.

Rithmic API offers:

  • A fully managed, high performance trade execution and technology platform.
  • A set of standards-based APIs.
  • A comprehensive order management system ("OMS").
  • 500 millisecond or lower order submission.
  • Access to non-throttled, real-time and historical market data for embedding data and analytics within your own system.

What is the Rithmic API?

Rithmic API is a collection of C++ and .NET software libraries and interface definitions that allows programmers to incorporate Rithmic API into their proprietary software. Rithmic API provides its callers with a normalized view of market data, reference data and order and execution reports across all supported exchanges. Rithmic API also provides latency information about the market data and trade reports it receives so that an algorithmic trading program incorporating Rithmic API may take immediate action if such latency exceeds its own thresholds.

System developers and API writers interested in futures trading execution can choose to incorporate standards based REST and C# APIs as well as Rithmic's C++ and .NET R | API™, into their proprietary software or systems.

For execution-only capabilities, a Financial Information eXchange (“FIX”) 4.2 compliant interface is also available.

Traders who integrate these Application Programming Interfaces (“APIs”) are then able to take advantage of what is believed by many to be the industry’s fastest and most reliable market data and order routing infrastructure, providing access to the futures markets.

Additionally, Rithmic API has µsecond speeds, enabling a algorithmic trading program to make its own latency calculations on which it may take appropriate action.

System Trading?

Emotional decision making is often a trader's worst enemy. System trading removes this emotional element from trading. In fact, many Commodity Trading Advisors (CTAs) follow proprietary trading systems.

A trading system eliminates gut feelings, second-guessing, whims, uninformed decision making and other emotions which many times are responsible for traders' losses. An added benefit of trading a system is that it eliminates the anxiety, time and effort of formulating a trade.

How do systems work?

Trading systems provide discipline to overcome the fear and greed that paralyze traders and prevent them from making proper decisions. Systems remove the pressure of making specific buy/sell decisions on a trade-by-trade basis. Each order placed is governed by a predetermined set of rules that does not deviate based on anything other than market action. Finally, a system will include specific money management parameters and the mechanical placement of these orders ensures those rules are being followed. One must realize that it is still possible to lose money trading any system, and past performance is not indicative of future results.

Examples of different systems include: Index trading systems, Currency trading systems, and Trend following systems.

Many systems require constant monitoring where a trader must be "glued" to a trading terminal. Designing a trading system and writing to an API can eliminate most of the work associated with trading a system.

What's next?

If you are looking to write to an API or if you have your own trading system that you are looking to implement, give us a call.  You can reach us at 312-920-0212 or 800-840-5617.