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Welcome to United Futures Trading - Helping Traders For Over 25 Years

Whether you are an experienced trader looking for great rates, or you are new to futures trading and looking for educational material - you came to the right place. We offer almost everything and anything a commodity trader could possibly want:

  • Futures Margins - Ultra low daytrading futures margin information and specifications.

  • Low commission rates - Online Trading with FAST order execution. View our online trading section.
    We offer over fifteen different trading platforms.

  • Trading Platforms Include: QST - FireTip - Rithmic - TradingView - Sierra Chart - CQG QTrader - CQG-M - CQG Trader - CQG Integrated Client - MarketDelta Cloud - MarketDelta Trader - X_Trader - R-Trader - R-Trader Pro - MultiCharts - Vortex - Trade Navigator - T4 - Cunningham - CTS - MotiveWave - TT Trading Technologies

  • Multiple Trade Routing Solutions and Redundancy Options - Rithmic, CQG, T4, Certigo, and TT

  • Looking for an automated trading strategy, check out the system trading / api solutions.

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  • If you are looking to diversify your current portfolio, or trade futures from an IRA, Managed Futures might be for you. View the Commodity Trading Advisors and their performance.

  • Just getting started and want the help of a licensed futures broker to assist you with your commodity trading?
    All of our brokers are licensed and ready to help you with outstanding customer service and care.

  • Give us a call with any questions. Phone: 800-840-5617 or 219-756-3500
    Quality Customer Service at Low Rates is our #1 Priority!
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    GlobalMid-Day Market Reports and Research

    Daily Commodity Trading Research and News - Updated daily and weekly with current market analysis and reports.

    Market News - Get access to more advanced and in-depth futures news.

    Stock indices

    FREE Emini Stock Index Trading Kit! - Free $25 Kit

    Learn how you can economically participate in all the stocks in the S&P 500, NASDAQ, and DJIA Indexes and save thousands in commissions! Also, learn how you can electronically receive your fill prices through the Internet in under one second. All this and so much more are in our FREE Stock Index Trading Kit. For all traders, particularly day traders! Click here now!
    Mini-Sized Dow Trading Kit

    The Dow has long been the undisputed measure of the market. The new, electronically traded CBOT mini-sized Dow futures is the best new way to potentially profit from the ups and downs of the world's leading stock index.

    Managed Futures

    Commodity Trading Advisors - View the commodity trading advisors and see if managed futures could be for you! The term managed futures describes an industry made up of professional money managers known as commodity trading advisors (CTAs). Investment management professionals have been using managed futures for more than 20 years. With practically a zero correlation with stocks, one of the most attractive features of managed futures is its ability to add profound diversification to an overall investment portfolio.

    Modern Portfolio Theory - Dynamic Diversification for Today's Investor
    This brochure has been described as a "one-book library" on portfolio diversification. An important lesson for stock investors; and much more. After reading this brochure, you'll probably be better informed about professionally managed futures.

    futures trading systems

    Futures Trading System - Emotional decision making is often a trader's worst enemy. System trading removes this emotional element, in fact many of the top-performing Commodity Trading Advisors (CTAs) rigidly follow proprietary trading systems.

    We are currently recommending the following systems:

    GlobalFutures Trading Education

    About Futures Trading - Basics of futures trading is explained.

    Discount Futures Broker - Offers many trading demos to practice trading.

    Free Investor Kits - Educational kits on Commodity Markets.

    Education Center - Information and help on futures and commodity trading.

    Research and Informative Articles - Gain access to the client research section. Updated daily - market recommendations, special reports, and much more.

    Glossary of Commodity Trading Terms - Industry related terms explained. A great resource for beginning traders.

    Top Level Service

    • We are a fully licensed and registered Introducing Broker.
    • We are a member of the National Futures Association.
    • All of our futures brokers are fully licensed by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC).
    • We are a custom brokerage firm staffed by professional licensed commodity brokers who are dedicated to providing our clients with excellent service.
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